Legal Forms to protect yourself from Mandates (vaccine, mask, test)


The Commoner Law Group

Watch the video – great explanation of common law and comprehensive method for using it to stand up for your rights: Commoner Law Group

Alphonse Faggiolo

Join his Telegram group to access all the documents – Alphonse Faggiolo Telegram Group

Both Commoner Law Group and Alphonse Faggiolo recommend the course “How to Win in Court.” 

Jeff Witzeman

He has had successes with various approaches. The key is to identify which techniques have “teeth” and focus on those. His instagram has good info and great videos: Jeff Witzeman Instagram. He also explains some things about his approach in this Youtube video: “Affidavit Teeth.” Scroll down to the very bottom of Jeff’s website and you will find 5 forms: Jeff Witzeman Legal Documents.

In Power Movement

In Power Movement uses Merchant’s Law which is more powerful than Common Law in certain situations. Their Notices of Liability have shown to be very effective.

Cal Washington – Explainer Video about Jurisdictions. This video mentions their angle of attack against fascism:
Understanding Jurisdiction in Law – InPower (video)

More about Cal Washington and the process of using Merchant’s Law and Common Law (Jurisdictions) to hold public officials personally financially accountable using notice of liabilities and liens: In Power Movement

The Solari Report

This method asks the supervisor to answer a long list of questions and then sign off – they can’t answer the questions truthfully without revealing the fraud so it puts them in a bind. There is a lot of very good information on their website. It doesn’t seem like it’s using the power of Common Law specifically, and it is not using Merchant’s Law/Notice of Liability although they do stipulate at the end of the form that they may sue for damages. Solari Report Forms and Information

Constitutional Law Group

Constitutional Law Group – tons of resources

Children’s Health Defense (Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

They wrote a Notice. This is not a notice of liability but the information in it is well stated and could be transformed into a Notice of Liability. Notice from CHD
Resources Page on CHD Website for research purposes

America’s Frontline Doctors

Legal Resources Page

There is an option on their site to participate in a larger group legal case as well as get help with your own case.

File an EEOE Report against them if fired:

EEOE Report

Filing a Discrimination Claim

How to file a Discrimination Claim (NY)

ICAN (Del Bigtree) Legal Page

legal resources page

Letter Written by ICAN to Employer on Behalf of Client

Legal Letters

Collection of Letters

Simplified Form

(similar to Solari but streamlined): Simplified Form for Workplace



  1. Randy Kelton
  2. Alphonse Faggiolo
  3. Jurisdictionary Course

Also good:
  1. David Straight
  2. Cal Washington
  3. Derrick Gonzalez
  4. Christopher James

Various Educational Materials:

Jurisdictions Short Intro

Here is a short (2 and a half minutes) video pointing out the problem with not understanding Jurisdictions: How to get Your Constitutional Rights Honored

David Straight Classes

Here is one of his excellent classes: David Straight Day 1 AM

Playlist “David Straight- Winning the courts” 7 David Straight videos

DeJure Assemblies

State Assemblies are restarting the government from the bottom up. There are numerous groups in many states that are doing this and they all have a lot of information.


Petitions are not as powerful as legal claims and notices but every bit helps so I always sign them

America’s Frontline Doctors Petition to Stop Vaccine Passports

Exemption Forms

This method is not the most powerful method because you are asking for something rather than telling them what your rights are and asking THEM to honor YOU. The best methods involve you taking back your power entirely and turning the tables on them. But these links can have useful information if you want to understand Exemptions.

Peggy Hall – The Healthy American. There is a lot of information here about the law. Video of useful tips: “SLIMY TACTICS OF LAW FIRMS TO DENY YOUR EXEMPTION” — Peggy to the Rescue.

Gab Religious Exemption Forms

Information about Religious Exemptions for Vaccination

Additional Resource Collections

This is a huge collection of legal resources: Friends of Freedom Resources

Here is a big collection of resources: Corey’s Digs Covid Resources Page

3 legal documents written by lawyers (Assumption of Liability, Protestant Religious Exemption, Catholic Religious Exemption) and other resources – Sidney Powel / Defending the Republic legal forms and resources.

This looks good – collection of legal docs – Freedom Armor Resources


Legal Resources
If you find yourself in a predicament with a company that refuses to hear you out, does not provide you with required information, or threatens termination of your employment, here are a few potential resources for attorneys:


Medical/Scientific Resources

Comprehensive, high-integrity medical and scientific information, including briefs and reports summarizing what is known about the risks of Covid-19 injections and adverse events, is available (and routinely updated) at the following websites:

  • America’s Frontline Doctors: In addition to its legal resources (see above), AFLDS’ website includes information about Covid-19 treatments, “issue briefs” on post-vaccination complications and other topics, and numerous other resources.
  • Children’s Health Defense (CHD): In addition to reporting on vaccine safety topics via its flagship online news outlet The Defender, CHD offers a “Fighting COVID Mandates” toolkit and related resources, a series of eBooks (including eBooks on vaccine mandates and protection of individual rights), a research library, and a “Community Corner.”
  • Doctors for COVID Ethics (D4CE): Among the excellent resources provided by this group of doctors and scientists from 30 countries are “Letter to physicians: Four new scientific discoveries regarding the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines,” which warns that “all physicians must reconsider the ethical issues surrounding COVID-19 vaccination,” and a 23-page Expert Statement outlining the serious risks of the Pfizer injection (European brand name Comirnaty) in children.


Search here for employment – employers who respect medical freedom:

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