Exemption or Right?

This is a guest post provided by the Commoner Law Group and written by Frits van Mastright.
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Exemption or Right?

By Frits van Mastright

When someone asks for or claims an exemption for something, such as a religious or medical exemption, they typically aren’t understanding the ramifications of what that really means and how it can affect them. Asking for or claiming an exemption is really asking for permission to be recognized or accepted as a certain privileged general class of people, and the privilege granted and the recognition thereof is by the government for the government’s benefit. Asking permission indicates submissiveness and surrender of one’s unalienable Rights and puts them in a lower position of servitude.

This truly was not the intention or desire of the Founders of America for their posterity, quite the opposite. What they gave us was the key of knowledge and formula to successfully express and maintain our heritage of rebellion and self-governance (liberty). Here’s what the U.S. Supreme Court said on this subject in LAIRD V. TATUM 408 US 1 (1972), to wit, “Those who already walk submissively will say there is no cause for alarm. But submissiveness is not our heritage.”

The First Amendment was designed to allow rebellion to remain as our Heritage. The Constitution was designed to keep government off the backs of the People. The Bill of Rights was added to keep the precincts of belief and expression, the press, of political and social activities FREE from surveillance. The Bill of Rights was designed to keep agents of government and official eavesdroppers away from Assemblies of People. The aim was to allow men to be free and independent and to assert their rights against corrupt government.

In a nation founded on individual liberty and freedom, submissive compliance and surrender of one’s unalienable Rights seems incomprehensible, but nonetheless understandable due to the fact that the Key of Knowledge and the true common law, along with its remedies, has over the generations, been effectively erased from the minds of the people.

People today now look to the government for answers and handouts, thus giving excessive, undue and unlawful power to this beast which was originally designed with defined and vastly limited powers by The Constitution for the united States of America.

An exemption implies that the holder of the exemption either has a duty to perform; is liable for something; or is subject to a particular thing in the first place, such as government. But if you and I are not liable for or subject to the particular thing in the first place, then we can’t possible have an exemption. It doesn’t apply. In this case we would have our Rights instead. So, if we’re not liable, how can the government issue us an exemption. To suppose that they can is a preposterous supposition!

To make the point, Black’s Law Dictionary, Fourth Edition defines “Exempt” or “Exemption” as: To release, discharge, waive, relieve from liability; to relieve, excuse, or set free from a duty or service imposed upon the general class to which the individual exempted belongs; freedom from a general duty or service; immunity from a general burden, tax, or charge. This implies that one must have a liability in order to even qualify for an exemption.

To be truly free and exercise one’s liberty, they must be free of liability to government and corporations – not free from the laws of nature but of the laws of men. So, if you have a liability in the first place or you voluntarily accept the governments exemption, then you are in reality accepting a benefit or privilege from the government which they can issue and take away from you at will. Conversely, if you have no liability then the government cannot lawfully or Constitutionally take your Right(s) away from you because those are not theirs to take.

Further, Bouvier’s Law Dictionary gives us a clear indication that exemptions are

not a right but indeed a privilege, to wit, an exemption is: A privilege which dispenses with the general rule; exemptions are generally allowed, not for the benefit of the individual, but for some public advantage. So, are exemptions what we really want?

Understand that it is not the proper role of government to decide whether you or I are exempt from something or whether you and I have a particular right or not. Why? Because if government can decide what rights we have and what rights we don’t have, and then what exemptions they will allow, we are not free. That would mean that our so-called Rights come from government and that puts them in control of those Rights.

If the government is mandating or requiring everyone to comply with something which they do not have a lawful or Constitutional right to do in the first place, then the government has no lawful or Constitutional authority to issue exemptions for that which is unlawful. Again, if the government can issue exemptions to you, and you accept them as exemptions, you are in essence saying that the government is your master and you are their servant and will go along with them and do as they say. Can you spell slavery?

And further, by accepting and claiming a government or corporate granted exemption, what you are really saying is that you agree with and accept their mandate(s), but will take their exemption for the sake of expedience or out of convenience as well. This actually puts your unalienable Rights at stake and further grants greater power to those who are violating their oaths of office, your Rights, and the law as well.

Now if the government mandates that you do a particular thing, and out of ignorance you either comply with those mandates or you stand on the exemption they offer you, not knowing that you actually have the Right not to comply with the government’s orders, mandates, requirements, suggestions, etc. in the first place, then you have voluntarily surrendered some of your unalienable Rights to them in order to have the exemption to not do something you already had the Right not to do. Yes, you already had that Right not to do something which is unlawfully ordered or mandated!

That’s called your sacred birthright which is your superior authority that always trumps the governments bogus authority. Their authority is limited and confined by the Constitution they swore an oath to. The Constitution doesn’t limit Rights of the people.

This is so because the government never had the right and authority to even order, mandate, require or coerce people in the first place.

Whenever the government orders, mandates, requires or coerces the people to obey their will, this is known as unlawful compulsion to induce performance, however in our system of American Jurisprudence it is a long-established maxim of law that, “law cannot compel performance”. Law is designed to act as a negative force to keep people from harming other people, not to mandate, force or compel people to do something under threat, duress and or coercion.

Instead of asking for and claiming an exemption from government or corporate mandates, claim and stand on your unalienable Rights which are supposed to be secured and protected under the Bill of Rights. When a business asks for your exemption, just say, here is my unalienable Right not to comply with the government’s and your mask mandate and or mandatory vaccination or whatever, based upon my religious beliefs or my medical condition(s). You can put your Rights, which trumps anything they got, on a small card and laminate it and keep it in your back pocket or purse.

The problem is that virtually none of these blind, submissive, obedient, vicious slave mentality businesses and employees understand this and they will always default and refer back to the government issued mandates and any exemptions they may be offering at the time. Just continue to stand on your common law unalienable Rights which is your sacred birthright! If we neglect to speak the truth and call things by their correct and proper names then the knowledge of the truth will not get spread. It’s our responsibility to not only spread the truth, but liberty and peace as well.

It is the common law that everyone needs to learn and understand and that this

is where true remedy lies, not in the current so-called justice system of today. With so many people living in such great fear over this phony and criminal pandemic, walking around with numb uncertainty as to what to do and how to combat the attacks and intrusions into their personal liberty, most people unfortunately are making the wrong choices for themselves due to the misinformation, threats, duress, and or coercion they are under from their government, their employers, and various other corporations.

If a true remedy is to be found at all, it will be found in the common law. It is under and through the common law that our original united States of America government was established. The Declaration of Independence is a common law document, the Constitution for the united States of America is a common law document and the Bill of Rights is a common law document all designed to secure and protect the individual God-given unalienable Rights of the people like you and me.

The common law is the key to liberty, freedom and justice. It’s the common law that needs to get spread throughout our land and the world for that matter, verbalizing and exercising it on a daily basis. This common law needs to be made like an appendage of our body as though it were another hand that we carry around with us hour to hour on a daily basis throughout our lives. Yes, the common law is that important! Everything we do should be rooted in common law from cradle to grave.

Recapping, if we expect to be free with the hope of exercising our true liberty, then we must first get our terms straight as this ancient Chinese proverb admonishes: “the beginning of wisdom is calling things by their right names.” The reason this is so important is because if people go after and claim something without knowing the ramifications of doing so, just because they are told to, they will usually end up making wrong choices for themselves which will not give them the results they think they will get, but will end up ensnaring and enslaving them as well. If the government is providing the population with an exemption as a way out of something, that’s where most people will turn and never give their true unalienable Rights a second thought.

All the people hear is the word “exemption” and then run to it not even knowing the meaning of the word or the context in which it is used. This is because most all people do not know what unalienable Rights really are let alone that they even have them. This is exactly what the enemy wants and is a tactic that’s as old as the world. It’s called deception, smoke and mirrors. If they can get you to focus on exemptions (which is false hope) as the answer, you will not be focusing on what is really important – your unalienable Rights.

Instead of seeking after and claiming exemptions, which are only privileges, seek after promoting and standing on the unalienable Rights you already have – Rights you can substantiate in law. Instead of claiming you have a religious or medical exemption not to wear a mask or get vaccinated, which does nothing to protect your Rights – claim, stand on, and promote the fact that you have unalienable Rights secured and protected by the Bill of Rights not to be required to comply with unlawfully/unconstitutionally generated orders and mandates. By and through the laws of nature you are actually already naturally “free” of any mask or vaccine mandates or any other demands of government or corporations. This is your true superior authority birthright – learn to stand on it!

Just continue to stand on your common law unalienable Rights which is your sacred birthright!

“Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” – Leviticus 25:10

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  1. Thank you for your time and effort making this point. How did we get so far afield from who we were meant to be? God created us and gave us an abundant planet with beauty and resources abound. We created a government to serve and protect us. But many men women and children throughout the ages have suffered because of these oppressive regimes, being deprived of their life liberty and happiness – it’s no longer tolerable! The government monster is eating the earth alive. And it’s our responsibility to end it. We created it so we control it!

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